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Watch out! So diet can promote hair growth

Posted by Alyssa Montalto on
Watch out! So diet can promote hair growth

You are what you eat, they say so beautifully. And it's actually worth giving your menu a little update. Not only for your health, but also for beautiful, full and shiny hair. Because even with a few small changes in diet, the hair roots can be supplied with nutrients and thus support hair growth.

“A balanced diet is essential for shiny and strong hair and a healthy scalp,” says Stefanie Seyda, co-founder and co-developer of Natucain.

If you support the body with the right nutrients, you create a perfect base for your scalp and hair, which means that Natucain's hair restorer can work even better.

Effect of Natucaine

"The key lies in vitamins, trace elements, minerals and proteins."

Here you can find out what exactly that means and what should go straight to the shopping cart from now on .


Anyone who thinks that proteins are only needed for fat muscles is completely wrong. "Proteins promote collagen formation, " explains the expert.


And this is important because the collagen produced is converted into amino acids in the body, which in turn are needed to produce keratin - the main component of hair. In addition, collagen strengthens the skin (yes, also the scalp) and makes it more elastic.
The more elastic it is, the better the hair follicles that sit in the skin are doing and are protected from premature loss.

You can get enough protein from foods such as meat, fish, eggs or legumes, for example.



There are a number of vitamins that can have a positive effect on our hair growth.


For example, nothing works on our head without vitamin A - the vitamin is one of the most important nutrients for building healthy hair and a healthy scalp. Good to know: Beta-carotene is its precursor. It is converted to vitamin A in the body and therefore contributes to beautiful hair in exactly the same way. It can be found in many types of vegetables and fruits such as mango, kale, pumpkin, carrots, spinach or peppers.

Vitamin C not only helps to strengthen the immune system and fight off a cold, but also promotes blood flow to the scalp, strengthens the hair roots, is involved in the body's collagen formation and “ensures that iron can be better absorbed. For this you should put berries, lemons and oranges in the shopping cart, ”says Stefanie Seyda. 

Biotin , also known as vitamin H due to its effect on hair health, plays an important role in the body's metabolic processes. It supports the keratin proteins and strengthens the hair. Nuts, oat flakes, soybeans and unpeeled rice contain a particularly large amount of biotin.

"Last but not least, vitamin E plays a crucial role in hair health, because this vitamin also improves blood circulation and thus the supply of nutrients to the scalp," says the expert. Nuts, oatmeal and tomatoes: add to the shopping cart!



Poor hair growth could be due to a lack of important minerals like zinc and iron , because without them no new cells can be produced and no oxygen can be transported. In addition, zinc protects the hair roots from inflammation, which can also lead to hair loss. Foods that are rich in zinc include animal products such as meat, eggs, cheese and fresh oysters, but there are also zinc sources for vegans such as walnuts and pumpkin seeds. "Spinach, parsley or mint are suitable to meet the iron requirement."



Unfortunately - as almost always - there is a small catch in the nutrient paradise, because a little restraint is also required. Stefanie Seyda clarifies: “ Foods that raise insulin levels have a negative effect on our hair growth. These include sugar, fructose and foods that are rich in starch, such as white bread and pasta. " Stress, little sleep, too much alcohol and nicotine are also poison for a beautiful mane.

Of course, a few nuts here and a little vegetables there can't work miracles. But we can use them to positively support hair growth. Something can only sprout if the breeding ground is right.

By the way: The main active ingredient MKMS24 of the Natucain hair restorer is obtained from many delicious foods such as lentils and thyme . This brings the hair growth cycle back into balance and is therefore the perfect addition to a diet designed for hair growth.


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