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The importance of protecting your hair in the cold weather

Posted by Alyssa Montalto on

There’s plenty to do in the cold winter months, from long walks to skiing up in the mountains. But as you may know, your skin suffers during winter. What you may not have known, is that your hair suffers too. 


The colder and drier the air is, the worse it is for your hair. Dry air makes your hair far more brittle; split ends and breakage and much more frequent in the dry, cold months. Your hair ends up looking very straw-like and becomes extremely knotty as well as static. 


The material you put on your hair is also very important. When you’re wearing a hat, your scalp gets less oxygen. Your hair then becomes greasy more quickly and has to be washed more often. However, if you use nourishing and hydrating shampoos and conditioners, your hair shouldn’t suffer too much. Although, the quality of the head covering also plays a key role. If you’re continuously covering your head with synthetic materials, you’re more likely to damage your hair tangibly. This material can cause tangles – particularly in long hair – and loss of volume. This then leads to vigorous brushing to reduce the knots and detangle the hair. So, this mechanical stress ultimately can lead to hair loss. So, make sure, where possible, your hats aren’t on too tight, or are made of natural wool. 


Moreover, a healthy diet and sufficient hydration are key in the winter months. Make sure you’re eating well and drinking a lot! Alongside this, the NATUCAIN Hair Activator is the perfect companion in the cold, winter months. The active ingredients reduce hair loss by up to 90% and stimulate hair growth by up to 93%. 

Top tips for hair growth in winter:

  • Drink plenty of fluids 
  • Nutritious diet
  • Loose head coverings with natural materials 
  • Regular and rich hair care
  • Gentle combing and brushing
  • Less heat styling
  • A winter treatment – our recommendation: NATUCAIN’s Hair Activator 

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