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That is why hormone-free hair growth products are a better choice

Posted by Alyssa Montalto on
That is why hormone-free hair growth products are a better choice

Hair restorer are finally no longer a taboo subject and the shelves in drug stores, perfumeries and pharmacies are filling up with countless products. Whether as a foam , tincture or capsule , there is practically nothing that does not exist. And that doesn't just apply to the texture: the active ingredients contained also vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

They often contain hormones or substances that manipulate the body's hormonal balance . For example, active ingredients such as estradiol, finasteride or alfatradiol.



Yes, the suffering of hair loss is great. Nobody likes to watch the hair gradually say goodbye and disappear into the drain. Nevertheless, one should think carefully about which tools to use and, above all, see what is hidden in them. With Natucain you always make the right choice - but more on that later!

Hormones are part of our organism, but that is exactly why it is so important to let them do their work in peace. Without hormones, the messenger substances in our body, we would not be viable. They regulate things like the energy and water balance, growth, digestion, metabolism and also control emotional and sexual life. If you intervene in their equilibrium , this very quickly becomes shaky.



So it is actually no wonder that there are now several lawsuits against manufacturers of hair restorer due to unexpected side effects . Some users reported, for example, severe mental disorders such as depression, but also poor concentration, sexual disorders or sleep disorders occur more frequently. This type of active ingredient slows the conversion of testosterone into the messenger substance DHT and can thus stop hair loss, but it also disrupts the hormonal balance.



The good news is that there are natural remedies available to aid hair growth too.

For example Natucain : Our hair restorer is hormone-free, contains neither silicones nor dyes - but 100 percent purely natural ingredients.

 “Nowadays we no longer have to resort to purely chemical or pharmaceutical processes and active ingredients,” says Stefanie Seyda, developer of Natucain. "We are verifiably able to grow hair with our product and we are natural at the same time."


But how exactly does Natucain work?

"Natucain brings the hair growth cycle back into balance", says the expert and explains: "Hair growth consists of three phases: In the first, the anagen phase , the hair develops in the hair root and grows for around five years." In the second phase, the catagen phase , the hair follicle shrinks, detaches from the blood supply and goes into a kind of dormant state. This phase lasts no more than a couple of weeks. The telogen phase follows at the end . During this, the hair loosens and falls out.

“This is exactly where Natucain comes in. Due to its active ingredient MKMS24 , the anagen phase is lengthened and the catagen phase is shortened. The hair grows faster and hair loss is reduced. 


And the best thing is: it works without any side effects. 



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