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A look at female hair loss: causes and solutions for rapid hair growth

Posted by Alyssa Montalto on

Hair is undeniably important for women and can serve as a source of confidence in their everyday lives. Therefore, hair loss is undoubtedly a scary concept for women. For some context however, losing hair when washing or brushing your hair is totally normal. On average, we lose about 100 strands of hair a day, and this is a natural process that occurs in different growth phases of the hair.


However, if you think you’re losing much more hair, much more frequently, there are clear signs to see if this is a pressing issue. Your hair on your head may appear much thinner, and the appearance of dandruff occurs more often. These are the signs of rapid hair loss. There are many causes and reasons behind hair loss in women, including genetic dispositions, alopecia, stress, age and hormonal changes. However, there are remedies to prevent this cycle from continuing and stimulating hair growth again, and with NATUCAIN, that remedy is nature and science combined.

The latest scientific findings have revealed that a combination of natural ingredients can help stimulate hair growth quickly. With NATUCAIN, nature and science work together perfectly and we have created the Hair Growth Activator. The patented formula reduces hair loss and stimulates hair growth in a very visible manner. With extracts of bamboo, thyme and lentils derived from stem cell technology, hair growth can be increased by 93%. Many hair growth products on the market use hormones in their ingredients, which have proven to cause detrimental side effects, however, NATUCAIN stimulates hair growth without hormones entirely and thus without any proven side effects.


Here are some small tips and tricks to prevent hair loss in the first place. Take good care of your wet (and dry!) hair. Even thick, strong hair doesn’t respond well to being plucked and pulled. Simply switching to a good hairbrush can often help to protect your hair and make it look fuller again. As we are sure you’re aware of, the more you style your hair with heat, the more damage you’re causing. So if you can reduce the amount you use straighteners or curlers on your hair, you’ll be doing your hair a world of good. A good, balanced diet is also key to healthy hair. Not only your body, but your hair, needs fresh food, vitamins and vital substances for cell renewal. And most importantly, your hair needs water! Hydrating your body will nourish your hair too.


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